Magazine: "Youth" No.6, 1973 year

Every morning, when we were leaving his house, I had possibility to see how Tofik Dadashev was preparing to his "training". So he called this work, when he was choosing any man on the street that was interesting for him and was reading his thoughts.


Before leaving his flat Tofik several times was looking at the mirror. He was a handsome brunet, but he wanted to make something to be better. I couldn't understand: why? Like he was going to go to the scene.


He was looking at me only that time when I were disturbing him: the room where were the mirror was very small. Then he explained me the reason of his strange behaviour: he wanted to be imperceptible .


We were together for several days and dear to tell that the last day we were already friends. To be a friend of such a wise person like Tofik is a big compliment for everyone, but friendship with him is very difficult: it' s like a long prophesy. We were on the street on the way to underground and Tofik was telling me: when I read people's thoughts my face changes involuntarily. So, several times in moments when he was looking at people and reading their thoughts, policemen came to him to check his documents and after checking they were going away puzzled.


It seemed to me that without any aim we were driving from one bus stop to another and got off where Tofik wanted. We were looking at people and sometimes sitting in the quiet places and talking. Tofik told that he disturbs people by his interference. They didn't accustom to that. And even if the person needs sympathy, he doesn't want to accept it from an unknown person. People "don't like alms" told he.


He told that he sees clearly if a person is, for instance, hungry. But I also could suppose that and then easily assure myself that I "see" that. He told me that he doesn't like false playing in the theatre and feels fast physical pain if he notices a falseness. But I meet many people who claimed the same but these people were quite ordinary. He told me: When I see in the morning a sluggish, a weak person I am feeling myself weak too, and then for a long time I can't ride of it.


Here was difference between us. This difference was in the imperceptible level of sensation. He was feeling depressed when quite unknown to him person was in a bad mood. Yes, he was exactly depressed.


He from the very beginning (when he came to our publishing house) saw that I don't believe him. As he expressed it "spy on him", and that disturbed him. But he didn't want to retreat and when he assured all in incredible, then being deeply touched he confessed to me that I was disturbing him.


Now I should described in more details how all that happened when he came to us with his experiments. Because the things that Tofik made were astonishing. And here is important to describe them correctly. On his Moscow playbills was written, "Psychological experiments… makes any mental orders, etc." But people's fantasy was not very rich. They wanted from him always to find something that they hided from him. He was asking us to give him more difficult and serious tests.


- Give me more difficult, more difficult tasks! - asked Tofik.


The audience was thinking which tasks to give him.


- Is it ready? Did you write it? Who wrote? You?


Tofik looked at me softly. By the way he didn't look at anyone intently. His look was pricking but not penetrating.


- Did you remember your test? Read it again.


- I remember it.


- You must know it exactly! Read all of it again… Then you will think only about its first part. Are you sure you remember it?


- I think yes…


He turned away and went far from the table where judges were sitting. In these strange experiments people always think about possible fraud. But it was impossible in this situation. I have read mentally my order. The same was written by me on the paper: "You must take the key from the person N (he was seating nearby), go to the room 200, open the door, take the third volume of the Great Soviet Encyclopaedia, bring it here and give to judges".


- You are ready? Asked Tofik. We closed his eyes with the black material and closed his face with the black hat.


- It's better for me, if I can't see. Nothing is disturbing me. He was talking with a more imperative tone than before.


- Faster! Tie it faster! - demanded he.


- Everything that happened after that was strange and inconvenient. Inconvenient because the person wanted other people to have a doubt in his possibilities, because after that he wanted to prove them that this doubt has no grounds.


- Think! Think! Don't think about other things! One's more! What must I make? Am I going the right way? To the left? To the right? Where I must go? Think!


- It was like dream. I can't tell how much time we were going. He took the key from the pocket of the person N.


- Where I must go now?


- I was thinking, but he was moving faster, than I ordered him.


- I forget about everything, there was such a period and I remember it exactly. I remember that the correctness of orders didn't influence the correctness of his motion. I hope that later people will be able to explain everything that happened that day and I hope that this description will help it and at least will not hamper it.


- What I must make?


- Open!! - was thinking I.


He opened the door, entered the room and went to the shelves where were a lot of books. What I must make? - was crying Tofik. He was touching many books with his hands and at last he took the correct book. Then he was running back through corridors like he knew these places for a long time. At last he took off from his face his black hat and we saw a happy man. He was confused.


At home he is other: kind and attentive and not brave. It's so strange to remember experiment's time, when he was so nervous and demanded to think and was crying… Now he wanted to help me.


- I don't know, what is interesting in my past. I didn't escape from German's prison, like Wolf Messing. What can I tell?


He can't explain himself his ability to see minds of other persons. He can't remember how he enters this state and every time being loosed in doubts he should start everything from the beginning. W. Messing was never telling about his trainings. And nobody knows whether he was training or not. Tofik every day trains 6 hours in those places where are a lot of people. For Example, in GUM: "When there are a lot of people I don't draw the attention". When he discovered his unusual possibilities?


It was always with him.


A lot of people can tell that they can understand other people. But only he has such a great talent.


He was born in Baku in 1947. He was growing up without father. There was nothing unusual in the childhood. Unless when his friends from the school didn't have money and wanted to go to a cinema, they were asking Tofik for help. 20 minutes after a film has started Tofik came to the ticket collector and spoke to her. Only asking her to allow going to cinema. And ticket collector couldn't bear his persuasions and turned away. After that all children went to see the film.


One time at the lesson of the Russian Literature he made the first training. He loved his teacher and he speaks with a shame about this experiment. He was telling mentally to her: don't speak! And she couldn't speak for some period of time. She couldn't tell even few simple words. That never happened to her before.


From this time he started his trainings…


He was going to billiards salon. There were playing people for money. He didn't play. He could not. He was watching. Among the players was one who always won. He was very proud. And it was so pity when he was playing with beginners. They were trying to win very much without any success. Tofik was sitting near the wall. The first time he was only looking at the winner. Then he began to understand his every motion and he knew exactly what he would make the next moment. Tofik was feeling himself like part of that man. And then Tofik started to miss… So, that man started to miss too. That man couldn't win any more. He couldn't understand the reason. He was only nervous more and more…


- And what was the end?


- I wanted the little Tofik to make that angry big man to stop playing.


- No, - smiled Tofik, - he always missed, he couldn't win. That's all.


And nobody knew about little Tofik's gift. Only after 5 years Tofik came to Moscow and told his uncle about his possibilities. A lot of scientists and psychologists were interested in him. They were checking him and new people again and again were believing in his unusually possibilities.


I asked him, if he is afraid that his talent will disappear.


- If it will happen so then I will work as an illusionist, - smiled Tofik.


Then Tofik explained me that he is dreaming about the work in a little registry office.


- I would only seat and tell: "You are matching to each other and you, I am sorry, not". But people will tell then that it is charlatanism.



Yu. Leksin

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