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18th march 1997
Newspaper: "Rabochaya Tribuna"

The well-known parapsychologist Tofik Dadashev is a guest at "Rabochaya Tribune".


This man has the official gratitude received from the heads of governments and the KGB generals. He revealed the foreign scouts, neutralized the terrorists, influenced the result of chess matches, was engaged in political prophecies, and also solved the mysterious smile of Mona Liza. The readers already have guessed, that we talk about worldwide known parapsychologist Tofik DADASHEV. Today he is the guest at our newspaper.


- Tofik Gasanovich, it is known that you are a native of Baku. And where now you live, what do you do?


- I live in Moscow for thirty years. I go to Baku frequently. There I have opened the Centre of charitable parapsychological help. I should tell you, that I had in life very difficult period: I as well as many other nationals painfully have gone through the disintegration of Soviet Union. I didn't want to work at that period, though I had the invitations from Germany, Arabian Emirates. I would call that condition as inner mourning. Now I have come to myself. It would be desirable to work creatively, the years go on, in April I will be 50 years old.


- What do you think you are - extrasense, scientist?


- I do not know… I open the books on modern parapsychology, read 10-15 pages and put aside. I feel the other hands, I feel that the author invented many things - it becomes uninteresting. I do not handle with scientific terminology. I merely look and see - there near the ashtray seats a fly. Do you see it? No? But I see.


- Did the police applied to you often?


- Very often. Police, prosecutor office and KGB. I agreed seldom. I didn't want someone to go to prison because of me. But when the question goes about the national interests, about the national security, I couldn't stay indifferent. At one time KGB agents applied to me with the request to find a spy in the group of foreign tourists who came to Moscow. The scouts new only that the spy arrived, but who is he - a man or a woman, how he looks, how old is he - they didn't know. They brought me to "Russia" hotel. There were around 150 tourists, a lot of other people. A lot of noise…When my companions prepared to show me imperceptibly the suspected people, I found the person who interested us. He seated far away. It was a man with light raincoat with red moustaches. The scouts were even disappointed: "We expected to seat an hour. And you did in a few seconds…"


- Can you describe the mechanism of perception of such information?


- It happens in different ways. I remember, when people started to speak about the Chernenko health, my neighbors didn't stop asking me how long will he live. I promised to answer them. At night in my dream a man with typical Russian face in white gown came to me. He asked me: "Were you interested in Chernenko health? He will die on March 9." And it happened so.


- There was such a case in your biography, when you had to neutralize a terrorist. Please, tell us about it.


- It happened in Baku at the end of eighties. Terrorist captured an airplane in Ukraine, landed in Baku airport and started to demand money, threatening to burst the airplane at stated time. In the evening my friend scout called me and told me about the request of the head of Azerbaijan KGB - general Ivan Gorelovskiy to take part in the operation. The whole night I have been waiting for them to come after me, didn't sleep, was drinking coffee, was worrying. The car arrived yearly in the morning - my eyes were red, I had a headache… Arrived to the airport. There were Karpukhin, Barannikov, the "Alfa" group which arrived from Moscow… They tell me: on all colors, terrorist has an accomplice - he speaks to someone, gives orders. Very likely, he is armed. The devices show that their something ticks The offender demands 500 thousand marks and half million dollars at eight o'clock in the morning. The following task was put before me: to speak to terrorist and to ensure him to wait until eleven o'clock (there were no enough money in Baku banks, money had to be brought from Moscow). I had no time to think. I came to the airplane ladder. The door was opened, however the bandit didn't look out. There was a distance around 50 meters between us. I noticed only the bear and shining eyes. I introduced myself as a representative of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, explained that money will be brought only at 11 o'clock. Terrorist told that he can't wait any more. While I asked him, where is he going to fly, I knew: bandit bluffs. He has neither weapon nor accomplices. The whole conversation took not more than 30 seconds. I told about my conclusions to Gorelovskiy and Karpukhin. I understood the whole responsibility which was put at me. I told the to the head of operation to go to the ladder and tell bandit the definite words. After that the bandit will smoke and you can take him. And I asked my friend-scout to tell the capture group that they shouldn't worry, everything will pass OK, all will get the awards. Should be noted, that the lads were really worrying, because before they had unsuccessful operations with losses, victims…


- How did it finish?


- At 11.05 the terrorist was neutralized. Later Karpukhin confessed me: everything happened as you predicted. Your those words were told, bandit asked to smoke and we took him. An alarm-clock was found in his pocket.


- Did people from "Alfa" really get awards?


- Yes.


- And you?


- And I got the honorary letter.


- Tell us were scientists interested in your abilities?


- Yes, I often carried out experiments in their presence. I remember, there was the I International Congress on Pshychotronics in Prague. A lot of mediums and extrasenses gathered their, some of them were barefoot, had long hairs. However none of them decided to demonstrate his capabilities. I carried out three telepathic experiments at a distance. A woman from the delegation of American scientists was chosen, she was entrusted to guess the word. I have been at a distance of 25-30 m from her. I do not speak English, that is why I told the word "baxtor", without understanding it. The noise, surprised exclamations were heard. It was the name of a great scientist who was present at the congress - American Cliff Baxter.


OUR REMARK. Cliff Baxter is a biggest scientist in the field of psychoenergetics and criminalistics, the inventor of well-known "lie-detector". After experiments with Dadashev he called him "the strongest medium in the world".


- Did it happen that you looked for lost things?


- I had one interesting case. In December 1995 I lived in a state cottage in a Baku suburb. One evening the deputy chief of the President Security asks me to help in one unpleasant case - the gun was stolen from a foreman, who was bearing a service. The foreman had to work only half year till the pension, now he faced big problems. I took this job, but put one condition: the person who has stolen the gun shouldn't be convicted . At that time those who carried out the service investigation found three suspects. I had to determine who is the thief. But first of all I asked to show me that unlucky foreman. I saw him several seconds, he was standing at the street in darkness back to me. However I understood quickly: he is the thief, and he did the crime without the malicious intent but because of the foolishness . Soon he himself approved my expectations.


- Do you specially prepare for your experiments?


- No. However I found that the more I worry the more successful the experiment. I need an extreme situation.


- Can one study your capabilities?


- It can't be studied. Everyone who has these capabilities will find his own way in the life. But there are special secrets how to maintain the "form". Do you know how I was training? I was walking in shops or malls, was adjusting and guessed someone thoughts. One day I noticed a disappointed visitant woman, adjusted and understood that she looks for a shoes department. I came to her and explained were is it. Of coarse she wandered very much. I visited the shops so often, that even police was interested in me. They thought that I was a pickpocket. -The world wide fame you got after your version of Mona Liza smile. Tell as how you came to it? -One day my old friend, computer specialist, came to me. He showed me the successful reproduction of Dzhokonda portrait and asked me to tell how I see her image. I easily penetrated into her physiologic condition and found that she is pregnant. My friend printed accurately everything that I told him about Mona Liza. By the way, The newspapers at first were afraid to publish this article…


OUR REMARK. Now the original of this note is stored in Paris in Louver and in the Moscow Museum of Fine Arts named after A. S. Pushkin. This is the most striking report, which restores not only the woman life, but also her thoughts, fillings, emotions. We will present a small part of the article: "He is she, Mona Liza Dzhokonda… She is nineteen. She has married recently. This is the first portrait in her life. The present of senior Franchesko (the husband - editorial office remark). The artist just seated her. Asked her to turn head a little. Slightly changed the position of hand…All this is imperatively, quickly, just in haste. She thinks that he underestimated her, underestimated was very superficial. He self-esteem is touched, she feels the inconvenience… But all this roushed and flowed away as a slight wave, because Mona Liza is happy… She will become a mother soon, and even all-seeing senior Leonardo doesn't guess about it. You see, he is a man…The young spouse of the ambitious Florentine merchant is full with quite sub motherly joy. She is harrying to enjoy the secret happiness, presentimating that time when relentless time will take away this burning, incomparable feeling of the pocession of motherly secret…"


- Tofik Gasanovich, your name is always connected with chess victories of Garry Kasparov…


- Yes, I helped Garry in all three matches against Karpov. The first time I was addressed when Kasparov was loosing 4 points to 0. During our first meeting Garry was looking upset, suppressed, he wanted only one thing - to extend in time the match. It would be humiliating to lose dry within one month. I told him: "I will help you when the score will become 5:0. And not because you are sympathetic to me. No. First of all you present our republic at such a high level. The second reason is purely human compassion - I know that after such a lose it will be very difficult to you. And the third reason, it is interesting to me." Garry loosed the next play, the score become 5:0. And then I started to work. - What was the kind of your help? - I do not understand in chess. Of coarse, some preparations and developments did Kasparov himself with trainers. I suggested him which tactics to choose at this or that play - attack or defense. I predicted in which condition will start opponent the play. I foreseed the results of all plays. I was present in the hall myself and made the favorable atmosphere. When it was 5 points to 2 I called to Kasparov and told that I go away. He replied: "You leave me?" I replied: "No, you will win the next play, the score will be 5:3 and the match will be stopped…"


- Everything happened so. You told that you helped Kasparov in all three matches. They were continuing for a long time. Did you become friends during these contacts?


- No. As a human I liked Karpov much more. Believe me, the question here is not in national dislike. By the way, my mother like Garry's mother is Armenian. It was unpleasant to me to see how Garry tries to eliminate Karpov as a man. Then took place that story with a trainer who was accused that he "sold" Karpov the Kasparov's moves and whom Garry turned out from the team…I saw all the members of Kasparov's team: they were honest and dedicated people… My help to Kasparov was kept in secret. But I decided to reveal everything to stop Garry. I gave interview to one journalist in which I told about my participation in this story. The journalist took the article to "Moscow New" and after some time Egor Yakovlev invited me at the meeting to editorial office. When I was going to the meeting, I definitely knew: Yakovlev prepares my confrontation with Kasparov, expects scandal. But scandal didn't take place. Garry completely approved the article, and even decided that my merits were described very modestly. However, as I understood, he didn't want this article to be published, and I didn't publish it.


- Often people complain that an evil eye was put on them. What do you think about such things?


- If you don't feel the overlook, then this world is not present for you. And none will be able to overlook you. But if you fell it - you need the help. People who feel that there is an "evil eye" on them numerously came to me, they loosed the reliance of themselves, they couldn't do anything. Everything changed after the session - a man revived. By the way, among them were people who were on high positions… Do you know what is most important? It is to surround yourself will kind and cheerful people, and then everything will be OK. By the way, I also recommended it to Kasparov.


- At present time appeared a lot of different magicians, wizards, hypnotizes. What do you think of them?


- We should be very careful with them. In 1989 when Kashpirovskiy just appeared, one newspaper asked me to characterize him. I told that Kashpirovskiy is very simple and very harmful. People with specific frail psychics are influenced by hypnosis. The consequences can be very negative. That is why it is immoral to do such things. Sometimes people "from street" come to me and ask to influence their heads. I do not it, because very good understand my capabilities. I can give advice to an unknown person, and he will unproperly use it and will harm himself. I don't want to feel me guilty. -You noted that high-ranking persons came to you. Could you say, what kind of help it was, and who from politicians came to you? -I helped a lot of people in Moscow and in Baku. I gave quite different advises: beginning from how to become a president and finishing with questions about marriage. But I won't tell names.


OUR REMARK. It is widely known that in 1989 Tofik Dadashev predicted to the poorly known chairman of Azerbaijan National Front Abulfaz Elchibey the presidency. When in 1992 this prediction took place, Dadashev warned A. Elchibey that he will be the president not more than one year. Elchibey was in power a little less than one year. It is also known that Tofik Dadashev "programmed" young talented pianist Aziza Mustafa-zade to take prize at National Competition of Jazz Pianists in USA. As a result Aziza took this place.


- Tofik Gasanovich, you are the man, who is interested in the stability of Russia. How do you see the prospects of our country? For instance, who will come after Elzin? We can even tell the surnames: Chernomirdin, Lebed, Luzhkov, Zuganov, Chubays…


- Chubays is very good as a second person. He wants to work being in shade. Like Suslov. Chernomirdin fits these and those and can fit nobody. Zuganov will not be able to become a good president. He can show himself from best view if he becomes a trade union leader. By the way, I am sure, that if Communist Party had another leader, they would win elections. If elections will take place, for instance, tomorrow, Lebed and Luzkov can become a president. If we will take into account that internal potential which have politics, then it is very big in Genadiy Seleznev.


OUR REMARK. In 1991 via the mass media Tofik Dadashev characterized several politics, which didn't yet completely "show" themselves to the society. Elzin was said to be a tragic figure, not as a human, but meaning that a series of tragedies will follow him. Zhirinovskiy was characterized as carpet-bagger. Rizhkov was called honest. Bakatin - unreliable. In 1995 Dadashev predicted the popularity of general Lebed, however he noted that his party will lose the elections. The same year parapsychologist said: "Elzin will become a president, but I don't see that he is in charge" At that time Dadashev didn't know about the illness of Boris Nikolaevich.


- Did it happen so that you used your capabilities for yourself?


- We had a one joyful case. I was seating with a friend in Baku, at the beach. My friend was interested in chiromancy and started to predict the fate by the hand of a girl seating side by side. I also added something from me. Soon the girl went away, I looked at her and thought: she was so excited when heard about love. At once I noticed one person. He was standing at a car parking lot and was smoking. And at this time I understood - he wants to drive away my car. I told about it to my friend - he didn't believe. I advised to look after him… We interfered only then, when the accomplice of that person, standing back to the car door tried to open it. I immediately understood that these lads came from North Caucasus. And after a month the police captured a group of bandits which came to Baku from there. They opened a car within 20 seconds.