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1 october 2009
 №28 "Arguments and Facts" newspaper

Recently, a French woman Elvira, 39 gave birth to a healthy baby boy, her first born. She has been trying to conceive for many years. Arthur became the 150th toddler who was born thanks to Tofik Dadashev's unique gift.



Having visited the most prominent professors Elvira and her husband were given little hope to ever become parents. Then one of their friends mentioned Tofik who was described sometimes as a telepathist, other times as a psychic or a clairvoyant. As Tofik himself he likes the term ‘medium” best, though, he, undoubtedly, possesses the mysterious ability to foresee the future events and even to influence them in some cases.

He asked Elvira and her husband to send him their pictures. Two months later Elvira called Tofik to say that her trip to Moscow was very likely to be postponed. She might have to see her gynecologist, something was not right.

“Even then, I smiled to myself and thought that, on the contrary, something was right…“, says Tofik.

Not long after that Elvira had a dream. She dreamt that she got on the bus and saw Dadashev in the driver’s seat. In her dream he asked her: “And what for did you make this trip to Moscow?” Next day, during her appointment to the gynecologist, she found out that she was pregnant.

“How did you manage to do that?” I ask Tofik.

“I do not have a scientific explanation. And I doubt anyone has. I take a woman’s photo and look at it for a long time. Then I imagine myself as her. My female image even starts growing a tummy! As is usually the case, I find out at about the same time, that the woman I am working with, starts having my image in her thoughts. Then she ‘loses’ me for a moment but I soon appear again in her conscience. After that she usually conceives. Another interesting fact is that, for some unknown reason, the results of my help are usually boys”.



The most prominent researchers of psychophysical mysteries studied Dadashev’s phenomenon. Zdenek Reidak, the Leader of the International Association of Psychotronics assessed Tofik’s extrasensory abilities at the Conference in Prague in 1973. The famous American researcher Cleave Baxter called Dadashev the most powerful medium in the world. Among them is also a Russian professor Alexander Dubrov, the author of the first book in the USSR on the puzzles of the mind.

Despite his high regard for these scientists Tofik believes that its hardly possible to attempt to describe his intuition in scientific terms.

He remembers that in 1989 he had a conversation with the Azerbaijanian humanitarian Abulfaz Alchibei during which Tofik predicted that Abulfaz would soon be elected as the president of the country. His interlocutor politely ignored that strange phrase: which president, of which country (Azerbaijan was one of the USSR republics at that time)? And today Tofik cannot explain himself what prompted him to say that. However 3 years later Alchibei became the leader of independent Azerbaijan. Also Dadashev predicted that if he did not change his encirclement he would remain in power less than a year. It is worth mentioning that this forecast had been published in a newspaper interview with Dadashev before the events took place exactly as described by Tofik.

Another Dadashev’s prediction which was also documented had something to do with American bombings of Iraq and Afghanistan. Dadashev described the scenario of aggression a year before events happen.

However it is one thing to see future events and it is quite another thing to influence them with the power of your mind. According to Tofik this influence is possible but only in certain limits and exceptionally if the medium has good intentions.



1.      The present economic crisis will not be overcome completely. The world has entered the age of instability and changes resembling “perestroika” that took place in the USSR in 1985-1987. The word “crisis” will not be mentioned any more but the problems it caused will remain. In Russia the employment will have improved by 2011 and some positive trends will emerge, but the economic situation will remain unstable in whole.

2.      North Korea will stop posing the nuclear threat to its neighboring countries due to internal reorganization of the country. Very soon the socialist regime will cease to exist and KNDR will take the same path of the development as other countries of the former socialist block.

3.      The World Cup in 2010 will bring unexpected results. For the first time in the history of the championship an African team would get through to the finals where they would meet with one of the strongest teams of South America.