4th november 1990
Newspaper: "Komsomolskaya Pravda"

Why now everywhere arises a living interest to people, who try to use (everyone as he can) in practice the unusual capabilities of human psychic? With this question started our dialog with the well-known parapsychologist Tofik Dadashev.


- You ask why? Capabilities of human psychic as well as their nature, are far from being known to everyone. Although they show themselves here and their before our eyes. These phenomena are called differently: hypnosis, extrasensory, parapsychology… But being different, in practice they turn first of all to provide healing to a person.


- What do you think of all of that?


- It is important to know the truth, accept by heart and mind the essence of good of everybody. For instance extrasenses. They say: the biofield and biological energy are present. Asked scientists to explain. Scientist confirmed that person has a biofield. Let it be so. But I think, this is not the personal field of a person, but the reflection of what comes to him from the outside. And extrasenses here don't differ from other people. But scientists are attracted by biophenomenos.


- The press is interested in bio phenomenon even more.


- Yes, everything interests people. A lot of them believe. This is a hope. When speaking to unusual and kind person the belief in him just cures.


- But if someone will go to a bad person?


- Then, may be not at once, unconsciously, the belief goes away, and with it goes away the help. The hope to recover disappears at all. In this way a person often loses the last source of his forces. However it can be differently. There are a lot of people in community who need untraditional help. Medicine couldn't help somebody. Somebody has problems at home, at job, mental anguish. All people look for support, sympathy. And by meeting a wise, original and honest person, some of them get what they need .Then takes place the miraculous healing, soul revival . And two persons do that, not one, how describe that extrasenses.


- And how it happens when you provide the help?


- I have individual attitude toward every person, and empathy is my inner requirement. Such a tangle of thoughts and feelings as compassion, pity, duty, thinking about reasonability, other moments wake up the willing to help people. And my wishes and thoughts are transmitted then by my psychical energy to another person, who as if settles in my soul. Then? Then I start to love him… Yes, exactly so.


- When did you discover your inner gift?


- First I felt it. When I was 13-14 I started to think that there is something in me. But what? And being 16-17 years old I realized it. However I didn't tell anyone. I thought, that nobody will understand me. I kept the secret, was afraid to lose it. I checked it imperceptibly in the crowd of people whether I guess write the inner condition of people, their wishes, thoughts… I gingerly transmitted to others my kind mental "advices". Then it become my permanent work, lessons for myself.


- Some scientists-physicists deny the existence of what we agreed to call psychological phenomenon. They think, that if phenomena can't be repeated exactly, then it doesn't exist and can't exist. But do really "Dzhokonda", Christ, and Mohammed works don't and didn't exist only because they are unique? All this is the original appearance of human psychic. Somewhere here, very closely is diverse psychological phenomenon.


- Absolutely correct! And philosophers can explain it.


- Let's come back to your youth. What you did after discovering your capabilities? How did you use them?


- I could give nothing to people at that time except showing my capabilities at scene. At first it was interesting to me: to perform under the jury control the mental tasks of any spectator, even without seeing him at a long distance. Nobody did it before. But very soon I felt the dissatisfaction. I understood that I can live with greater use. In 1973 I was invited to Prague. To take part in the Fist International Congress on Psychoenergetics.


- Can you describe it in detail?


- The scientists from 22 countries in 6 different sections discussed there around one hundred reports. We were represented by professors Samoilov, Kholodov, Bakirov, investigator Dubrov. American delegation was headed by doctor Baxter, the biggest in USA specialist not only in the field of psychoenergetics, but also in criminalistics, the author off well-known "lie detector". He presented the documentary film about the transmission of mental information from Moon, performed by astronaut Mitchell. Then my experiments were announced. To exclude any doubts in their truth I asked Baxter's assistant to give me out the mental tasks at a long distance. I performed these tasks successfully. Such as usually. But in reality? The American woman gave out tasks at the language which I didn't know. Therefore the words are not matter. Intuition? Feeling? Baxter congratulated me, and told that on everybody's eyes took place the discovery of a new phenomena.


- The world chess champion Garry Kasparov in his books which were published abroad and recently in our country wrote that you helped him very much, truly predicted the results of most important plays in his duel with Anatoliy Karpov for the world champion title. He calls you his "talisman", "guru", "savior". But you don't know chess. At all!


- Yes, I helped Kasparov in three matches. It was so. When in Moscow match the score become 4:0 in favor of Karpov (the play was lasting till 6), I was confidentially informed: "Kasparov asks for your psychological help. Psychological". We didn't know each other. After some doubts I agreed to help him as to a man who got in very difficult position. When I met him I promised to help when the score becomes 5:0.


- ?!


- Kasparov responded in the same way. Asked: "Why not now? With the score 5:0 I will not go to the play". "But you will,- I said. - And you won't lose the match. Then nothing will remain except the faith and belief in me. And I need it as complete confidence and for feeling my responsibility". As you know, the direction of play changed. Kasparov with enthusiasm carried out my advises on character and tactic of play. With the score 5:3 the play was interrupted by the President of International Chess Union-FIDE. At the second match I was asked for help by Kasparov's friends when Karpov won with the score 2:1. At the third match I helped Kasparov in key 22-nd play in Leningrad. That was after Kasparov loosed three plays one after another. I enforced him. In general I help Kasparov in 48 plays. And Kasparov didn't lose in any of these plays. He become the World Champion.


- What other type of assistance did you provide to people?


- I help in different ways even in saving passengers and crew from aircraft pirate. The KGB invited me…


- As I remember all central newspapers informed about it. They noticed that the operation of offender neutralization was difficult, delicate with your participation as a parapsychologist was carried out the first time in KGB practice and the result was excellent. How did that happened?


- I was urgently invited to the Baku Bina airport. We couldn't lose time, because the offender captured the airplane and threatened to burst it with tens of passengers if he will not receive half million dollars and free way abroad. The KGB specialists asked me to determine the behavior of offender, to understand his psychology, to find out his possible actions. I have been standing at the distance of 50 meters from the airplane ladder and was perceiving the offender who was in the saloon. I felt him just as he was in me. Suddenly I understood that he is lonesome, he has neither accomplices nor explosive materials. I told about it to the operation participants that helped them to make a decision. The capture group quickly neutralized the criminal. He really didn't have the explosive materials.


- How easy: came, saw... But you were risking!


- Of course, the price of mistake could be very high. But I was sure, that I carry out my good mission. Besides, I was surrounded by professionals.


- Which work you see as your profession?


- I could open in Baku my Center of charitable parapsychological aid PSIEKS. Everyone needs to solve only his unique problem, to recover his health, to heal his soul. You have to agree that it is not easy. But it is necessary to do it, and with love!


A. Yefimyev

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