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2007 / 4 december

1. In the world practice of sports management there are many examples of unsuccessful huge contracts with coaches and sportsmen. In such cases both parties suffer: the sports club which wastes a considerable amount of money and also the coach or sportsman who are no longer in-demand. It can often affect their further career. Tofik Dadashev can help to reduce the possible failure in such deals and recommend which tactics to choose to achieve the highest results with a particular person.

2. The way our children’s further life goes to a considerable degree depends on the right choice of professional occupation they can succeed in… You will probably agree that doing the job they like people have a better chance of self-actualization and success which undoubtedly can positively influence their private life. And vice versa, if people have a wrong idea of their abilities or superficially approach this important subject they will have to do an oppressive job which can lead to disappointment and feeling of dissatisfaction. Tofik Dadashev is often approached to help in the final decision to choose a future job. In some cases he can approve of your choice; in other situations he can make some corrections; and sometimes even warn that the way chosen is wrong.

3. Since earliest times the relation between a person’s name and personality has exercised people’s minds. And it is still a topical issue. There exist many treatises and publications related to name meanings. The most wide-spread theory is that the name predetermines people’s destiny. Tofik Dadashev understands and views this matter in a different light. We don’t choose the name that is with us… As a rule when choosing a name our parents are guided by their personal considerations… They call us a definite name which reflects their own character, taste and perception of the world. If you feel that your name doesn’t suit you, oppresses you, is painful and annoying, you have the right to change it! When Dadashev first raised this question in press in 2002 the topic was much spoken about and aroused a great interest. We strongly believe that choosing the right name (in some cases a stage or a pen name) is a very important task and it requires sensitivity, discernment and great imaginative power. And how does Dadashev help in this situation? Usually he suggests you choose two or three names that you like and he helps to make the final choice. In our opinion the people who have found “their” names feel brand-new and happy.

4. Another Dadashev’s discovery is related to Zodiac Signs. Not being keen on astrology and having no special knowledge in this field he felt that there was some mistake in this question. It seemed to him that very often people didn’t fit their astrological signs. For the first time Dadshev mentioned this subject in an interview with Russian News Information Agency Novosti on 17th October 2001. He was asked a topical question: “Will Number 1 terrorist Osama bin Laden be found?” The USA and their allies had announced that wherever he was at the moment he would be found and tried. Dadashev answered that “the USA doesn’t need bin Laden alive since he knows too much… and he will be killed soon.” And then Dadashev voiced the idea which caused a lot of perplexity: “Bin Laden might not have become a terrorist if he had applied to me and I had changed his Zodiac Sign…”  Dadashev believes that Zodiac Signs can be changed. If people feel any dissonance they are free to choose a sign which is closer to their personality. And Tofik Dadashev helps to execute the transfer to the chosen sign. 

5. Let us draw your attention to such notions as “for good luck” and “for protection”. The idea of helping people this way arose when Dadashev was young and in 1988 he started giving such help to people which became a well-known fact. The way the process goes is impossible to verbalize as it is based on intuition and imagination. His efforts are directed towards luck and success as well as protection from disasters, accidents and misfortunes.


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