27th may 2002
Newspaper "Trud"

Do you like your name? A strange question you would say. Alas, there are quite a lot of people whose names have become a source of life tragedy. Anyway according to the words of the well-known parapsychologist Tofik Dadashev there are more people of such kind than you can suppose. If you are totally unlucky perhaps it is high time you changed your name. 

Recently Dadashev’s Center has witnessed those whose psychological disorders are caused by virtual problems if one can put it so. Some are bothered with an evil curse put on them, others – with their Zodiac Signs or even their own names. Tofik Dadashev believes that there are some reasons for such concerns. And if we touch upon names sometimes the mismatch of a particular person and their names can become the parent of misfortune. It is quite clear when it comes to eccentric names but even common and wide-spread names can turn into a big trouble. Why does it happen?



– Not so long ago a young man applied to me asking to influence his luck, – tells Tofik. He had got a good education, studied abroad, was doing the job he liked and was working hard but the efforts applied yielded no desirable results. “I am under the impression – he confided to me – that at the last minute somebody cuts the ground from my feet”. Actually at our hard times similar things happen for objective reasons often remote from the person but during the séance I felt that the matter was different: there was something in him that “blocked” all his projects, energy and initiative. I even didn’t know what exactly it was but still asked him a question: what to his mind impeded him? I saw that he was embarrassed, hesitated and didn’t dare to say. “Is it your name?” – I asked. He even sighed with relief. “I am not a superstitious person, I don’t believe in mysticism but I have been feeling for some time that my name is the trouble. It s like a running knot on my neck but I feel awkward to tell anybody about it”. His name by the way was Anar, you must admit it is a nice and popular name in Azerbaijan but as it turned out he was absolutely right – this name was contra-indicated to him personally.


– But why? Is there any explanation for it?


– I don’t have such but since earliest times people have believed that the name predetermines their destiny and some tribes have preserved such beliefs up till now. Moreover, even in our educated century there are many supporters of this theory. By the way as early as at the beginning of our the XX century such an outstanding scientist as P.A. Florentsky was engaged in the research into analysis of names in the Russian transcription and he came to the conclusion that there was a mysterious and inexplicable connection between a person and his life events. And astrology of course claims for understanding the crux of the problem. If you visit any astrology website on the Internet you are sure to come across a section related to name magic and abound in corresponding explanations including the use of numerology. I hesitate to judge to what extent they are true – astrology is not my purview. I can only state: in some cases a false and “incorrect” name can really unfavourably influence a person’s lot.


– And how can we recognize if the name is “correct” or not? How did Anar guess for instance that it was exactly his name that “disturbed” him?


– You are right it is beyond common understanding. Most people live and even probably don’t suspect where misfortune comes from. Once on a train I turned out to share a compartment with two middle-aged women. They were from Ukraine and were engaged in shuttle trade. As far as I could understand they were not doing very well but they behaved cheerfully especially one of them – she wise-cracked, laughed a lot recalling some funny stories. I listened to them silently and then said addressing to the latter: “You are a strong person, aren’t you? Nothing can crush you”. – “You must be a foreteller”, she said to me. “Could you tell read my fortune?” Carefully picking up the words I told her what I had seen: she was dogged by misfortune, she was a jinx to those she loved. As it turned out she hadn’t succeeded in life. She had been married three times and all the three husbands had tragically died. And now there was another man in her life and she didn’t know what to do. She was really scared to build a new long-term relationship. “And what is your name?” She told me her name. And I understood that I was right: her name was the heart of the problem. Of all female names I know this name is the only one which is sure to cause disaster to its owner. I won’t say which name it was not to raise a panic among other women called the same because incompatibility degree in different cases may vary but in this particular case it was undoubtedly 100 percent! My advice was the following: change your name and fearlessly start a new life.


– Tofik Gasanovich, easier said than done. How can a person do it in practice – one day to announce to your friends and acquaintances that from now on you are called another name?


– Of course it is not very simple. It is quite another thing among the people of show business. For instance there used to be a singer Alla by name but she became popular as Valeria. All the more so, it is possible to execute it legally. As far as I know you can officially change your name at the age of 16 when getting the passport. An average citizen is another matter. Have you met many people who would say “I hate my name”? Not because it is pretentious or dissonant (though there are many cases like this) but just because they don’t like it – that’s it! And now can you imagine what kind of constant irritant and psychological burden it is? The name is inseparably linked with a person! That is the way a person is addressed a hundred times a day, the way they introduce themselves. They haven’t got another chance to get rid of this constant irritant but to change their names. To chose the one which is not imposed on them but goes with their personal taste and inner world. Some people, and there are more than just a few of them, have even never thought how easily this problem can be solved. You don’t like your name, do you? Then change it! And I am convinced that throughout your life it can be done as many times as you wish. I have no doubt that with time a great freedom in this matter will be legitimated.


– What if the new name turns out to be worse than the previous one?


– Actually if you are pleased with your name, if you are in harmony with it – that is already very good. But my actual help is to keep a person from a possible mistake, to “charge” for compatibility. There has been a case in my practice. A woman who wanted to change her name decided in favour of other three names she had to choose from. But one of the names didn’t do for her at all. So we fixed on one of the other two. Now she says she has never been happier. And that is the main thing – to live feeling happiness.




Tunzale Kasumova

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