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The strongest medium's version


 After many years of secret prohibition we at last have an opportunity to offer our readers a complete version of psychological portrait of beautiful Mona Lisa (La Giaconda). It was created by parapsychologist and diviner Tofik Dadashev.


He is a unique man. Even because American Cleve Baxter, the largest expert in the field of  psychoenergetics and criminalistics, the author of the famous lie-detector, after the experiments with Dadashev called him “the strongest medium” in the world.


Official gratitude expressed by means of mass media by KGB General Ivan Gorelovskiy speaks much for itself. Not long ago Head of Committee for State Security of Azerbaijan he probably for the first time in the practical work of this organization applied for assistance to a parapsychologist. And Tofik really predicting further succession of events helped with his advice to detain the skyjacker.


There is a mysterious story related to Mona Lisa. Once Stanislav Sergeev, a computer specialist and an old friend of Tofik Dadashev, called on him and showed a good reproduction of La Giaconda portrait asking him to share his vision of Mona Lisa’s character (image). It took some time to get the answer but only when “inspiration came.” Sergeev put down every single word.


Now the original of this record is kept in the famous Louver in Paris and in our Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts where it was accepted with gratitude and appreciation as early as 1980. This text in full is quoted in press for the first time:


“Here is she, Mona Lisa (La Giaconda). She is nineteen years old. Recently, two or three months ago, she got married. She was born and till her very marriage lived in a quiet and poorly populated suburb of Florence. She grew up in a strong middle-class family. She was loved but not spoilt, though she was an only child. She was brought up in simple and strict rules, got a common home education. All her free time she spent in the family circle, hardly ever socializing with strangers. With awe and zeal she prayed in the nearest church where she had been taken by her parents since childhood.


Her life passed by steadily and monotonously. Home, infrequent family occasions, little maidenly pleasures… Inborn curiosity tempted her to get a nearer view of the world, not only out of the window of her parents’ house or carriage. However, having quickly grasped the essence of city bustle, she immediately rejected this life alien to her. She liked the soled, fine and ordered world of quiet and undertint.


Her maidenhood dragged on longer than she wanted. There wasn’t a wide choice for her in the neighbourhood. Due to her background and education she couldn’t make a good match for a Florentine from a noble and prosperous family. But this fact was not the main reason but she herself.


Mona Lisa, a strong-willed and self-confident person, had a clear idea of her ideal husband. He must be a solid and imposing man. A serious and dignified one. Like her respectable father, not that gorgeous and gallant. He must be authoritative for her and others; consequently he must be older than she. Suppose so, it was Francesco Giacondo, a wealthy and decent Florentine merchant, who was the closest to her maidenly dream. But there was another reason. So being very domestic, with all her heart and soul attached to her family, she was in no hurry to leave this usual lifestyle. In her family, where everybody’s opinion was taken into consideration, she wasn’t pressed to marry.


Her outward coldness is deceptive. She is affectionate, sensitive like the true Italian, sensual.  However, piety and self-control are developed in her personality so strongly, even excessively that she will never venture the unchained and reckless love. Forever having subdued her passion, she involuntarily restrains it in the man.

She will be a faithful wife. God forbid to her Mr.Right to lose his dignity. In this case she will just abandon respect for him. Firmly and coolly, giving no sign. She will never commit adultery. Even if she meets a man she will take a deep liking to. She will secretly dream of him, probably will venture an innocent flirtation, but she is not capable of secret hidden love. She will never break the seventh commandment of the Scriptures. Duty is above all.


And now she is face to face with the artist. It is the first portrait in her life. It is Signor Francesco’s present. But for her it is not just only the first portrait and a great honour to her. It is a kind of the first appearance in society, like the first ball. What will she look like in the portrait? What will others think of her? It is the same as appearing in public in a new dress. And she values beautiful things; likes dressing tastefully; her outfits are blameless and always meet the situation. She knows she will look differently, but how exactly? It is the same as dancing before everybody’s very eyes. Dancing with a feeling that she is not as graceful as she would like to be; knowing that she is too proud to bear a mockery if she makes an awkward movement. This worries her in a feminine way; she is a bit embarrassed.


The artist has just made her sit down. Asked her to turn her head a little, changed the position of her arm.  Then he said something. All that was imperative, quick and as if in an off-hand manner. She has taken this professionally trained manner for undue familiarity. She feels uneasy because she attaches great importance to rigid adherence to the standards of behaviour and good manners. She had expected respectful treatment from him, similar to the way she treated him, but that was what she got…


Nevertheless she did everything she was told. She is convinced that the initiative should always proceed from those who are older… And she even got married partly because it was necessary to do so. And now she has been handed to another person and it also should be so. Infolded in silence she is waiting suspiciously – well, let’s see what it will lead to.


Being an outstanding psychologist she is shrewd in a way. She does understand that he is a clever person that he knows and has seen a lot in his life. His strong and reserved personality has a great appeal for her. She is aware of the fact that she can’t impress him as a woman but she blames only him for that. She senses by intuition that he has seen and known other women… and has no great opinion of her. It seems to her that he hasn’t discerned her, has underestimated her, and has treated her superficially. Her pride has been offended. And so what?

For the first time in her life she has come across a personality of such intellectual and psychological power, tried to protect herself instinctively and has involuntarily given into difficulties. A moment ago she was proud and dignified signora Giaconda and now she is naive and helpless to some extent signorina Mona Lisa. But she is reserved in display of her feelings. She hardly ever smiles, almost never laughs and she speaks little and quietly. She thinks first before she acts or speaks. That’s why her pace is never hurried, she doesn’t make extra movements. These are all signs of imperious disposition.


Yes, her pride is offended; she is embarrassed. But all this appeared and subsided like a little wave because Mona Lisa is happy. Soon she will become a mother. And even for an all-seeing signor Leonardo this fact is hardly obvious. He is just a man…


Young wife of an ambitious Florentine merchant she is full of gentle happiness of a mother-to-be. She wants to enjoy this secret happiness in the expectation of the day when the time will take away this burning and incomparable feeling of possession of motherhood secret. Her temperamental Francesco is longing for a son – a heir and successor of the family and business. And so very soon he will learn about it. She would prefer to have a son too. She has always been attracted by men. A woman seems so insecure and unreliable to her.

She lived a long and safe life. She gave birth to five children. Ten years later Francesco Giacondo died. She married for the second time but unsuccessfully again. Was she happy? Luck accompanied her in everything she did but even if she felt happy these were only brief moments. 


Having no gift for sciences and arts, she became a wonderful house manager. She greatly enjoyed patronizing her family and the people dependent on her. This elevated her in the eyes of the people who unconditionally recognized her superiority and some kind of grandeur. However, her almost despotic demands to those around were nearly unlimited as well as her feminine selfish madness on organizing family life. She was one of those women who softly-softly and gradually override the man to the extent that he, bewitched by her femininity, kindness and devotion, as if voluntarily condemns himself to everlasting sweet servitude devoting his life to the object of his love and male vanity. But no matter how hard he tries to please his lady, he will never abandon the feeling of insatiability of her wishes, of his inability to satisfy her. And up to his final hour sword of Damocles will be hanging over him for fear to lose her love and respect. She was proud but patient. She remembered all the insults and never forgave. She challenged the offences immediately venting her anger in the offender’s face. With a clear conscience she could raise her hand over the enemy’s head and without hesitation sacrifice her faith to the pile…”


Interview by Larissa Dervyanskaya, Baku

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