25th april 1995
Newspaper: "Rossiyskaya Gazeta"

Famous predictor Tofik Dadashev denies political or financial reasons of the murder of Vladislav Listiev. He said that by his opinion, he was killed because of jealousy, envy or revenge.


Dadashev, whose advices were used by leaders of Soviet and Russian Special Forces to take correct actions, and by famous "Alpha" that successfully released the hijacked plane, could be helpful in investigation of Listiev murder. Even though he never took such cases before, in this case he agreed to participate. The prophet convinced that it is possible to find one who ordered the murder - "he is nearby ".


Dadashev demanded two conditions to be fulfilled before his participation in investigation. He demands wages of few million dollars and invitation of experts from FBI or MOSSAD. By the way, Dadashev is well known in FBI. 20 years ago assistant of FBI chief Edgar Guver, the constructor of "lie detector" Cleve Baxter, personally recognized unique talent of Dadashev and honoured him to be the most prominent prophet.

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