14-20th December 2003
Independent Publico-political newspaper "Nash Vek" N 46(233)

Sensation… This word looks attractive both for press, and readers. It was always like this. But know preferences have been changed, the freedom of speech to certain extent limited reader's interest to "Hot facts", but… The sensation that we are going to speak about passed through all censorships possible, both in Soviet Union and foreign press, and still remained a question of millennium, until recently, when the mystery of Jaconda's smile was uncovered, - the "code", that no man on earth was able to understand.


So, who was the object of smile of Leonardo's Jaconda? The answer to this question could be given only by Jaconda herself, as even author of this famous picture did not knew the reason for this legendary smile. But everything is very simple: Mona Lisa carries in her soul the mystery that can not be compared to anything else,- the mystery of motherhood, and smiling with consciousness of new life that rising in her abdomen. The mystery, that is not known even by her husband from Florence.


Pretty brave version, isn't it? Nevertheless, nowadays, this idea saved in the Luvr and The Museum of Art Named after A.S. Pushkin in Moscow, and the author of this hypothesis is our guest, world wide known parapsychologist Tofik Dadashev, who revealed us several sensational news.


- Tofik Gasanovich, it is well known how hard it is to understand the nature of woman, on the other hand, you were able to revive the most feminine woman in the world. Even though it might be easy task for such a gifted person as you, but is there a chance for general woman to be understood by general man?


- Woman should be an object of love, and if anyone doesn't like woman, - this is his own problem. And it is very important today, when we already in the new era.


- Astrologist state that since February 2003 we entered the era of Aquarius. Is there any connection with woman's nature?


- I don't trust predictions of Astrologists, and that is why I can neither confirm, nor oppose them. I can only propose my own prognosis, that I already made at the press-conference in concert studio "Ostankino" in 1974. The second half of twenty first century will be marked by the women's powerful influence on society development. Women will have the leading role in the progress of humanity.


- Does that mean the return to matriarchal rule?


- To the certain extent yes. It is known, that during many centuries, men were playing dominant role in society, and women were only repeating them, even though they were doing this unconsciously. It found its reflection in woman's behavior, character, style. So they were trying to put on the layers of opposite sex, just to avoid being on the lower position. Softness, femininity, intuition, given to woman by Creator, were just smashed with the heavy layer of business, and this is the main reason of many problems in nowadays society. People for a moment made themselves to forget (and this moment was a long one), that woman's nature much stronger than the one of man, and intuition is the main source of this power. Nature get back to anyone, who acts against its wise laws,- that was reminded us past century, and now, I think is the time for right decisions. So the twenty- first century will be the women's century, and I very sorry about anybody, who will not agree with that.


- Will the future model of society be also determined by Woman? Will it become to difficult task for her.


- Not at all. Think yourself, what can be added to the unique investment that every mother makes into development and fortune of her child. Only she, who genuinely feel every possible obstacle on the way of her baby, able to correct his future. Only this mission, but in more global dimension, will become woman's responsibility.


- But for this to be true, it is important to determine at least the area of woman's responsibility.


- That will be children's towns. Don' t be amazed, but the model of society will be shaped in those towns- some kind of scientific centers for study of psychology and especially physical development of children. By the way, when I first brought up this problem in "Ostankino" studio, there were reporters from Japan, who paid a great attention to my prognosis. Today in Japan future profession of children determined from the first years of school, and this is the direction of education system's development.


- But if our children will be educated in those towns, then the role of the mother in family will diminish.


- This is one of the positive aspects to solve the problems of future society. The problem is that in family child surrounded not only with attention and love, as we may think, but he also exposed to different situations, such as a drams, betrayals, lies and many other stressful situations, that affect his fragile psychic. Is there not enough children in the families that were deprived of childhood, the very important stage, the beginning of every persons independent life? It is not a secret, that What wounds a child's sole in the family will remain for a person a wound that will not heal, and a sole is the main core that provides the basis of personality for each of us.


When ecology of soul is threatened


- There are a lot of people, who struggle for ecology of environment, but nobody thinks about importance of human's soul ecology. And people with ecologically pure soul should be written into red book. Do you agree?


- It's hard to argue.


- These children should be raised in children's towns. I will tell you more, recognizing value of woman's character, such as politeness, kindness, sensitivity, from now on men will copy women's behavior.


- Tofik, Gasanovich, now the spirit of God makes to ask you about the role that woman played in your life?


- Women were always known as perfect sex. I always considered that to be an axiom. In bright image of woman I always see more power, than we are able to understand, they are salvation for all in this world.


- …?


Father would most likely to crash my individuality. From his pure masculine position he simply would not be able to understand a lot from my behavior as a child.


In childhood, I was hardly associated with average teenager. I was not able to answer the lesson, even if I knew it perfectly. And that is why I was getting unsatisfactory grades, and my father would always say, that there is no goal I can achieve in my life. And if not my mother, that really would happen. That is why, I would advise everybody to make friendship with women, and this pure, selfless friendship be present in all relationship between man and woman. That should become the beginning of big love, and may be, its strong continuation, if love fades away.


No rights for mistake


- Tofik Gasanovich, many times you impressed international specialists with the power of your bioenergy. But it is still hard to believe that man can be charged with luck. Do you accumulate some kind of complex of success for certain stage of his life?


- Simply "to charge" for success is not possible. To achieve this it is necessary to change fate of person. For example, I had to deal with people, who had "unfortunate" names. This very negatively affected their life. After name was changed, all problems in life became resolved. This is not a secret, that at birth, child was named after some died relative. And because of this inheritance, all his life person feels complexes and psychological discomfort in society. In this case, what kind of luck can we talk about?


- But do all well sounded names guarantee success?


- Sound is not a matter, but the matter is, how good the name of a person suits his aura. For example, my father desired to give me upon birth the name of my grandfather Dadash. But mother resisted, and I think, wrongly. Because the name Dadash better suits me and allows more fully develop myself as a personality. But now it is too late to change anything.


- We know, that you have three nice boys. How did you name them?


- The eldest son's name is Edgar, the middle- Elvin, and the little one's name is Roden- that was desire of his mother to give him this name. And I didn't mind. I think, they won't have any problems with their names.


- Do you want any of them to continue your way?


- That has nothing to do with my desire, but if that was given to anybody of them, I will not resist. By the way, my second son Elvin demonstrates some affinity to parapsychology. Let us see, how this going to develop in the future.


- But you are not the one, who may have doubts. He also went through the best school of Tofik Dadashev.


- The point is that I never had my school. Parapsychology is not the field, where you can study anything, as think many of us, and that is why the bookstores filled with that kind of literature. This is something that could be hardly understood. I would say, it could not be analyzed theoretically. This something that should be given by nature, and that should be develop according very individual system. It is possible, that my son will continue my work, but for me it is more important that he would direct his abilities to help people. Let there be in him, as in everybody of his age something, that could purify our society of bad influence.


- But could you charge our country for a good fortune?


- I can, but I also think that our country already received enough positive energy, and that happened during recent president elections. Sure, we became witnesses of serious opposition, and we could not avoid problems. But this is an intimate part of every struggle. The most important is that at the end wisdom, altruism and will to do goodness will prevails,- that is something that was always the part of our people's nature. There was need for society to grow and mature to the certain point to be able to open eyes. And I am very glad that it happened today. You can also think that this was a smile of Aquarius, but don't forget, that this sign needs most of all our inspiration.



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