6th january 1999
Newspaper: "Trud"

According to the tradition on the eve of the New Year, the famous predictor and a big friend of our newspaper, Tofik Dadashev, tells us his new predictions. What will be in Russia in the coming 1999 year? Which changes in life will it bring to it citizens including numerous readers of our newspaper? What should they hope for, whom can they believe?


- 1999 year is next to last year not only in this century but also in the millennium. The change of Epochs is always the time of difficulties. But the motto of Russia for this period will be power, strength and pragmatism. The combination of these features will help her to overcome all difficulties. Due to wise politics of Russian government, which is leaded by Jevgeni Primakov, economic recession will be stopped, but Primakov will stay on his position for a short period of time. The influence of oligarchs at economical and political life of the country will degrade and some oligarchs will leave Russia. Success will have those politics, which will be able to convince people that they can build such conditions when possibilities of every citizen will be realised.


In the next to last year of the millennium Russian citizens will be less romantic, thriftier and more responsible, also toward the environment. They will want and they will have possibilities to rely on themselves. The nations of the Russia and of the whole former Soviet Union will finally loose all illusions connected with the civilised West. In 1999 they will more and more understand that the old friend better than two new friends. But hot spots in SNG will not disappear. Tensions will grow up and drop. The whole world will enter the century of illusions and virtual reality. I see that the future of the Trud newspaper is successful? In 1999 Trud will keep his readers. I wish to all readers of Trud newspaper and to its staff good luck, happiness and prosperity in the new year.


Was prepared by Tunzale KASUMOVA


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