28th september 2000

- Tofik Gasanovich, when you had understood, that you have unusually possibilities?


- I was 14-15 years old. I remember, that on the one of the lessons of the Russian Literature I were looking at the teacher and wanted her to make mistake in her speech. I was only looking at her and for some moments she lost her possibility to speak. In 1966, when I was 19, I had read in newspaper about people with unusually possibilities are invited to the Institute named by Popov. I went there and scientists checked me. I had guess 12 from 12 cards they showed me, but then I tired and couldn't continue. After one year I was invited for checking to KGB.


- You were helping KGB of the USSR for many years. Tell us, please, about it.


- Leaders of KGB wanted me to study in their school and I was told, that I would have a flat in Moscow. But I refused them. I wanted be like Wolf Messing and KGB helped me to enter the Mosconcert to start my artistic work. Several times I was helping KGB to find foreign spies. One time they wanted me to find the spy in the group of the foreign tourists. It was in the Hotel Russia. There were 150 tourists and a lot of other people. Till accompanied people were preparing to show me some of them, I had understood who was a spy. He was sitting far from us. I was helping KGB only in those cases, which were important for the country and only against foreign spies. Never I was working against dissidents. Since the end of 80-th years I had no touch with the KGB.


- But on 31 of March 1989 KGB of the USSR wanted your help again?


- That day I was in Baku: I came to see my relatives. I were called and informed that terrorist hijacked the airplane and forced the pilot to land in Baku. He wants money and passengers' lives are in a danger. I was asked is it possible for me to change terrorist's mind. They wanted me to ask him if he will wait for money till morning, when money will be sent from Moscow. People thought that he has a bombe and companions with whom he spoke.


… I came to the airplane in a car and asked the terrorist to wait until the morning, until money will be brought. He agreed unwillingly. When I came to the airport building I told: "He bluffs, he has no bombe, no companions. You should capture him". But anyone didn't want to risk. Then I told to the head of the Alfa group: "Go to the airplane and tell the terrorist the following words. He will let you come closer. Then he will smoke and at this moment you should capture him". Everything happened as I told them. The terrorist posed an alarm clock as a bombe.


- You became famous after you solved the puzzle of the Mona Lisa smile and told that she is… pregnant.


- One day my friend brought me a good reproduction of portrait of Dzhokonda and asked me to tell how I see her image. We had a breakfast, drank Coffee and suddenly I felt, understood, realised who was this woman. My friend wrote everything that I told him. Soviet newspapers were at first afraid to publish this story. I remember that from the "Soviet Russia" newspaper one person called me and asked: "Mr. Dadashev, we will not have problems because of that?" (The original of this paper is stored in Luvr and in the Moscow Museum of Fine Arts. Here is the short fragment of this paper: "… Mona Lisa Dzhokonda… She is nineteen years old. She has recently married. It is the first portrait in her life. It is the present of her husband Mr. Franchesko. The artist just made her sit down. Asked her to move her head a little bit. A little bit change the position of her arm. That all happened like by the way… She thinks that he didn't view her, treated her superficial, her self-esteem is wounded, she feels her awkward… But all that came and passed away, because Mona Lisa is happy. She will be a mother soon, and that cannot see even all-seeing Mr. Leonardo. After all he is a man…


- The world ex-champion in chess Garry Kasparov in one of his books wrote: "Every time when I spoke with Tofik Dadashev, I felt burst of energy and belief in achievement of an ultimate aim". In one of his books he calls you his "talisman", "guru", saviour. Your name is always connected with chess victories of Garry Kasparov. Although you yourself don't play chess and don't understand them.


- I helped Garry Kasparov to become the world champion in three matches. At the Moscow championship, when the score was 4:0 in favour of Karpov (and the game was going till 6 score), I was confidentially told: "Kasparov asks for your psychological help". We were not acquainted previously. After some thoughts I have agreed. There were three reasons: firstly Kasparov was representing Azerbaijan, and I was born in Baku, secondly the person was in a very difficult position, thirdly it was for me personally very interesting. I told Kasparov: "I will help you when the score will be 5:0. Garry asked me: "Why not now? With the score 5:0 I will not begin the next game!" Don't worry; you will not lose the game. Then you will have nothing except hope and belief in me. And exactly that I need". The course of game has changed. Kasparov exactly followed my advices. I advised him which tactics to choose in different games and foretold the results of all games. When the score was 5:2 I called to Kasparov and told that I should go away. He asked me: "Do you leave me?" I replied: "No, you will win the next game and the match will be stopped". In the second match friends of Kasparov asked me to help when the score was 2:1 in favour of Kasparov. He won the match and became the world champion. In the third match I helped Kasparov in the key 22 game. That happed after his three repetitive defeats. I helped Kasparov in 48 games and Garry didn't loose any of these games.


- Please tell me about your political predictions…


- I exactly predicted the date of death of death of Chernenko and election and retirement of Yelzin, I informed Primakov about his soon downfall. In 1989 I predicted at that time little known chairman of the Popular Front of Azerbaijan Abulfas Elchibei that he will be the president of the Republic. When in 1992 my prediction came true, I informed Elchibei that he will be a president not longer than one year. And it happened so. I predicted that the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan would finish before June 1994… My consultations were used in Moscow, Baku, abroad. I gave quite different advices from how to become the president and till marriage questions. But I will not tell you names. In general prediction is ungrateful work.


- Did you demonstrate your capabilities to scientists?


- In 1973 I was invited to the first International Congress on Psychoenergetics. Scientists from 22 countries in six different sections discussed around one hundred reports. From the Soviet Union came well-known professors and researchers. Came doctors and extrasensory individuals from around the world. Some of them were walking barefoot with long hears. But no one risked showing publicly his or her capabilities. I alone carried out three telepathic experiments at a distance. One woman from the delegation from USA was chosen and was entrusted to choose the word. I don't speak English, that is why I told word "Baxtor" without understanding what it means. It turned out to be the family name of the well-known scientist, specialist in the field of psychoenergetics and criminalistics, the developer of the lie detector Cleve Baxter. After that experiment he told about me: "The strongest medium in the world". I many times took part in experiment with scientists.


- At the end of our conversation I have three questions: how you see the twenty third century? How will it pass for Israel? Who will win in our country in the forthcoming elections?


- The twentieth century was the century of barbarism. The twenty first century will be the century of swindlers and swindling in all spheres. I was never in Israel. But a lot of my friends live there. In the twenty first century there will be a big progress in Israel. Israel will be small but the great country. It will widen its borders.


- In favour of which countries?


- In favour of Lebanon and Jordan. In general there will be uneasy times for Jordan. After widening of borders there will be a peace. What is about the forthcoming elections, the Israel voter will elect a self-confident leader. I think that Barak is not so confident. Netanyahu and Sharon look stronger.




Vladimir Chanellis, correspondent of Vesti in SNG

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