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24th march 1994
Newspaper: "Rossiyskaya Gazeta"

At first time people started to speak about the psychological experiments of Tofik Dadashev in 1968 when he started to demonstrate them publicly. Four years later at the 1-st International Congress of Psychotronics in Prague, the well-known American scientist, the author of well known "lie-detector" Cliff Baxter, called Tofik Dadashev the strongest medium in the world, meaning his phenomenal ability to penetrate into thoughts of other people and faultlessly divine them.


- It started in the childhood. For instance, I often guessed right what my grandmother prepared for breakfast, how much money in my mother's purse, whether she will buy ice-cream for me. Then I found that I can force others to do what I want. One day, I made it at school and forced one teacher to hesitate while reading. When I told about my discovery to relatives they checked me, as I remember, I found a stuff which they hidden in the garden. However, at that time I didn't think seriously about all of it. Only when I become 16-17 years old I understood that I have a peculiar gift.


- For some people you are a clairvoyant, soothsayer, for others - parapsychologist. Garry Kasparov called you guru. What do you think you are?


- I worry when people make from me a wizard and magician. I do not understand black, white magic, astrology witchcraft, sorcery. I want to be like others. Life showed that I have some capabilities which differ me from others. My will is use them as much as possible, do not hurt anyone, but to bring as much as possible of benefit to people. Four years ago I organized in Baku a center of parapsychological help "PSIEKS", which serviced hundreds of people. People which suffer from difficult illnesses come to me. However I meet not only with ill persons, but also with all those who need a good advice, who are in a difficult situation. I always guarantee the anonymity of my help… Now I want to broaden the sphere of my activity. I can consult with a big success the heads of state enterprises and private companies concerning personnel and other questions, the representatives of political parties and public movement, concerning their strategy and tactics, concerning the choice of the of the type of election campaign organization. My experience convincingly showed how effective can be the help of parapsychologist to the sportsman, trainer, team. Recently lads from the Baku club of jovial and sharp-witted invited me at their final game of KVN-93. As a result they got the second place, that place, which I foretold them. The boys are good, gifted and I hotly supported them. In other words, I want to be helpful to the society, people, wherever I am - in Moscow, Baku or any other city.