18th january 1996
Newspaper: "Russian Newspaper", No.5

In the difficult periods of Human's History, in times of great changes people always were interested in higher forces. They are to bring quietness in confused souls, helped to better understanding the World; they need help for being strong when they meet all unexpected surprises in the life. In those times are coming to the scene people with unusual magical possibilities.


One of them is Tofik Dadashev - the worldwide known parapsychologist-predictor. For about 30 years he lives in Moscow and at the same time manages his parapsychological centre PSIEKS in Baku. People that had lost their hope in future are coming to him for help. And Tofik Dadashev gives them back the hope in life. And in extremely situations dictates them his will. It was so for instance when he was helping to ALFA team to catch the terrorist that captured the airplane with passengers in the airport BINA.


Earlier, in 1973, at the First International Congress on Psychotronics in Prague his talent to read people's thoughts, even if they are thinking in unknown for him language, surprised all specialists of this field of science. At this congress he was called the strongest parapsychologist in the world. In 1985 he confirmed this title by creating psychological portrait of Mona Lisa of famous picture of Leonardo Da Vinci. All scientists confessed this psychological portrait as a perfect. These unusual possibilities of Tofik Dadashev were subject of our conversation.


- Tofik, you were born in Azerbaijan. It is so, that there is worship of magic. A lot of people have possibilities to predict future. But what is it - magic? Is it a science, which is conformable to strict laws of the universe?


- It is not a simple question. Most of parapsychologists have difficulties to characterise theirs possibilities. We are feeling this gift, that is from God and we are using it. I would tell that magic is an art of managing ourselves and surrounding people. It is an extra sensitive knowledge of whole world through understanding us as cosmic creatures.


- What is your attitude to religion? Religion affirms that God is managing all thoughts and steps of everybody and human being can't reach his plans and actions.


- I am not religious. I think that it is humiliation for a person to ask for help from God. A person should find his way in his life by himself. Religion is a compulsion. A child after he was born is attached by parents to one religion and he is suggested that this religion is the only right one in the world. I think that people should choose their religion by themselves after getting experience, after gaining stable views of the world.


And looking in future I am predicting that it will be so. People in their evolution are coming to better understanding of this world. It's important to survive. Religion is requires a blind belief. But science gives understanding. In that time when different religions separated people, science joins them and removes contradictions and conflicts from society. That is why I support the creation of scientific centres for children where from childhood every child will be able to grow up and study according his individual possibilities for being better prepared for future life. When a person makes the work that he likes is the half of the happiness. But a religion person should chose individually. If you cannot live without the support of the God then choose the religion, which better fits to you views of the life.


- Now, when our society is braking by political waves, which future you can predict? For what or for whom should we hope?


- For woman. I think, that the time comes when she will play a leading role in formation of the society. Woman can't accept violence, she wants happiness, good, friendly family, she has compassion upon miserable people and she can give that what cannot give an aggressive man. I predict such time when woman will give quietness - to our souls and will give to our society love and respect to each other. A woman will save the world.


- But it is in a future and may be not so soon. And still men are the leaders. And they don't wish to give leadership to weaker sex that is morally much stronger than they.


- According to my prognoses our "tomorrow" is optimistic. It's not far the time, when men will understand that they have only one way, the way, which leads to peace and harmony in the country. Human's history approves that all cataclysms in human's societies are ending with peace. Otherwise the human being will not be able to find his way in the life. And he cannot live without that.



Alexander EFIMIEV

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