Wellcome to official site

Let me express gratitude for your interest in my website. 


I would like to point out that everything written about me is confirmed by people and events. For example, in 1981 I suggested the version that the mystery of Mona Lisa’s smile was related to the fact that she was expecting a baby. Recently French and Canadian researchers have announced that Leonardo da Vinci portrayed La Giaconda in her pregnancy. I was also awarded one of the highest government commendations for my consultations and role in the anti-terror operation of subdivision group “A” to prevent hijacking and rescue the hostages. 


My activity embraces a wide range of spheres: sports, culture, business, etc. I direct my energy, intuition and imagination towards luck and success as well as protection from misfortunes. 


In the press I am often called a “parapsychologist”, “medium”, “wizard”, etc. I am against such definitions with regards to me. Please address me just Tofik Dadashev.

Wish you love and joy. 
Yours faithfully, 
Tofik Dadashev