22nd september 2001
Echo №163

The guest of the internet-forum ''Echo", which passes every Wednesday with the technical support of web-studio STAR was the well-known parapsychologist, the head of the Center of parapsychological help "PSI-EKS" Tofik Dadashev. We offer you the most interesting questions and answers of the participants of the forum. The full record you can read at the "Echo's" site (


Naza: Respectful, Tofik Gasanovich! One day we read in a newspaper your interview. I remember, at that time there were also questions about the future, you were asked to predict what will happen in the nearest future in Azerbaijan. You answered approximately this: "You see, I am here. Nothing bad will be, everything will be calm".


Now the same question is urgent: and what will be now? Will changes which take place in the whole world touch Azerbaijan? Will military operations touch not only our region but also our country?


Answer: I think that military operations will not touch. But some changes of coarse will touch not only our republic but the whole world.


Terrible women: At present time the whole great systems of secret services, crime's investigation and the best analysts and professionals in USA are involved into the investigation of terrible crime - terrorist attacks in New York and Washington. I am sure to this work will be drawn also extrasenses, specialists-parapsychologists to the opinion of which Americans always pay attention. You certainly also have your guesses regarding this issue? I don't ask you for answer. It is a very serious question. But would you agree to participate in this investigation if you would be invited?


Answer: I don't believe that this story in that form in which Americans and mass media present it is true. I think that there is a lot of lie in this story. And if it is a lie, they will not appeal to me. Even if they will appeal, I will not agree, because I know that there is a great lie here.


Zara: Will be there a war between America and Afghanistan?


Answer: I think that Americans will bomb some countries. Peaceful people will die


Kerim: What do you think about the predictions of Nostradamus? After the terrorist attack in the USA he was also recalled, as if he predicted the present events.


Answer (thinking): The first time I read about Nostradamus a lot of years ago in the newspaper "Science and Life". At that time too scientists went to France (where are manuscripts of Nostradamus). They studied them and told that they didn't find anything interesting in them. Later, I think, some specialists who were interested in wars started to speculate somehow speaking that as if Nostradamus predicted wars. But why if he really predicted them, then anyone doesn't tell about it in advance. And all recall about Nostradamus post factum?…


Khaligev (USA): How seriously we can trust to horoscopes and also to different predictions and predictors?


Answer: In every job there are competent and not competent specialists. Recently there was an advertisement on TV:" Who suffered from sorcerers, magicians, call at this number". But we can also give the following advertisement: "Who suffered of attorneys, physicians, policemen…" I think that there will be more calls.


…There are different sorcerers. In general I don't like the sorcery. Magicians in ancient times were not merely charlatans, but philosophers. But charlatans can be in every job. I engaged craftsmen in my Moscow flat and they did everything bad. That is they are bad craftsmen. There can be bad teachers, engineers. And there are so many bad politicians! (smiles).


That is why we should be careful with that things. I don't say that absolutely with distrust. But with vigilance!


What about horoscopes, then let them be. Horoscopes don't hinder, may be they incite some people to feats. But we shouldn't treat them very seriously, may be even with humor.


Manana: Does the President Geydar Aliyev appeals to you for help or consultations? If yes, then can you please, reveal what kind of help was required from you.


Answer: I never gave any consultations or advises to any president. First of all they didn't apply to me. Secondly, I did right that I didn't give them advises. That is why today anyone doesn't accuse me. But our present president, as I think, such a big politician that he doesn't need any advises.


Samir: Tofik Gasanovich, please tell us how you met the author of "lie detector" Cliff Baxter.


Answer: In 1973 I was invited to International congress on psychatronics in Prague. There were a lot of scientists, two laureates of Nobel prize. Also the seance of telepathic connection was carried out and Baxter who was at that time the assistant of FBI director science Gunner also participated in it. Seance was carried out successfully. The first time in history at the world's forum of such scale I could carry out successful seance of telepathic connection. Anyone didn't achieve such success at such authoritative international forum neither before nor after me.


Ibragim: May be you know how often our parents apply to different people which have a gift of prediction, or to those who, as if can predict the future by the Koran or by coffee or by playing cards to find out what will be with the marriage of their son or daughter with a definite person. What do you think, are they right, when they entrust the destiny of their children to these people? Especially when these people say that the marriage will not be good, and then fathers and mothers according to this prediction forbid their children to marry?


Answer: I think that parents act without foresight, they are wrong. I think that we should trust feelings: if people love each other then let them marry.


Jina: What can I do to protect me from the negative influence of embittered detestable rivalry.


Answer: I think that best of all is not to pay attention at her, for her not to have a stimulus to vex you.


Galina: What do you tell your visitors when you know that their death is very close? "Go and sleep" or…


Answer: I never calm a person if I feel that he will die soon. If I can't help him, then I will never say what will happen to him. I don't see reasons to say something if I can't help. But I also can't cheat a person and tell him that everything is OK. I will merely keep silent. But if I can prevent, to show him a way, for him to make himself certain, I advice to take medical examination.


Toma: I don't know where, but I read a notice, that you could help in the investigation of Listiev murder. Why didn't you help?


Answer: Journalists asked me if I could help in this job, and I put a condition and anyone didn't apply to me.


Sabina (USA): Can you tell us about some cases (those that can be made public) from your work with secret services.


Answer: Some cases were already described. But for instance case with the airplane is described in a wrong way. A close to me person. Sasha, who worked in Azerbaijan KGB called me and told that an airplane was seized in Saratov. The airplane is in Baku now. Terrorist wants money. The ask to help somehow. I said: "If it is necessary to help somehow, then I am ready". He told that will call again and will come after me. I waited until three o' clock at night, lied down, I couldn't sleep because I supported me by coffee, strong tea for my head to be clear. Only at 7 o' clock in the morning he called me and told that comes after me. I was brought to the airport where we were met by the deputy chairman of Azerbaijan KGB and we went to a big room where were soldiers of "Alfa" group.


There were also Barannikov, Berezovsky and a group of persons from Moscow. They told me that the terrorist seized the airplane and demands money, otherwise he will blow up the air liner, but we don't have so much money in Azerbaijan. Money will be brought from Moscow not earlier than at 11 o'clock in the evening. Terrorist speaks just if he has helpmates. People said that he likely has a bomb. Anyone didn't want to risk. They asked me: "You ensure him that you are from MFA, that money will be brought, for him to trust in it". I was afraid that countrymen will recognize me via bull's-eyes. I was brought to the ladder. I saw his face vaguely, he didn't show himself. I told him everything I was asked for, asked him not to blow up the airplane. After the accident in Novosibirsk when during operation a lot of people suffered, KGB didn't want to risk.


I had a heavy head. When I told him everything be told me: "I will wait until 11 o'clock". I went into a car and told: "Sasha, I don't understand anything. Your people say that he has companions, bomb, but I feel that he doesn't have all this. I understand the whole responsibility, but I want to tell that everything that he tells about is delirium. He doesn't have neither confederates nor bomb. That is why I suggest you to catch him and not to give him money".


They told me that they will think. They asked me to seat a little more. They called to leaders in Moscow. Those in Moscow told they can trust to my opinion. They again invited me and asked me what to do.


I told them words which they had to say when speaking with him. Then he will allow them to come closer and will smoke. And when it will happen, he should be grasped. At 11.05 they "bring" him in. As I expected the terrorist didn't have helpmates. He had only an alarm-clock. S. Karpukhin tells me: "We did just as you advised us. He allowed us to come closer and then asked to give a cigarette. We gave him a cigarette and right after that grasped him". For this operation I was rewarded with "Sign of Honor". Although later this story was described in another way.


Yashar: As it true that pianist Aziza Mustafa-zade was at your seance "influence luck" before her main competition in USA and you predicted her the prize place? Were there also cases in your practice when you helped sportsmen, musicians and other creative people?


Answer: Yes, there were cases when I helped sportsmen. But since they themselves didn't speak about it, I will not tell their names. After my seances sportsmen from Azerbaijan became the champions of the world, of the Olympic Games, of the Europe. After that newspaper wrote that miracle happened, a person has not been training during two months, anyone didn't expect he would win, but he nevertheless was successful. There were interviews with trainers who spoke that they made a feat. But they also were with me and I influenced their luck.


Ilgar: Someone from team "Lads from Baku" spoke that before their first final in Moscow you predicted to Anar Mamedkhanov that they will be the best, but they won't be given the first place". Did you continue to help them after that play?


Answer: Anar Mamedkhanov, Tima Vainshtein applied to me: "We want to participate this year in KVN, but we don't dare". I told them: "You certainly should participate at least because people in CIS love you very much. Also you will perfect yourself. That is why participate and you will have success". They asked: "Will we win the first place?", I replied: "I will not tell you yet". It was in the beginning of the year. In summer they came and said : "We are preparing, what do you think?" I told: "Prepare". And to the late Lyenya Vainshtein I told that they will win the second place. When at the end of year they were leaving, they invited me to come with them. But I had to go to Ukraine. I wished them all the best. Then Lyenya comes to me and tells that there is a great pressure at boys there and it will be difficult for them. He asked me to help. It was difficult for me to leave them in this situation, but I told Lyenya that I can't change anything in this situation. He told me that my arrival will be a moral support for them. And I agreed to go to Ukraine via Moscow and to attend the final play.


Anar and Tima met me and settled me in a hotel. Anar asked me: "How you fell? Which place we will take?" I replied: "I didn't see your program, but I feel that you will play best of all, but will strongly lose there where two players ask each other questions". It turned out that it was called "limbering-up". Anar replied me that they prepared well to this competition, but I again approved that they will lose exactly there. Before the play when the team had a launch I told them: "It will not be easy day for you. I want to worn you, for you not to break there, hold with dignity. You will play best of all, but you will win the second place".


…At the final play we were seating at jury with Polad Bul-Bul ogly. Baku Lads broke away at many scores. But at "limbering-up" they loosed strongly. And another team won. Our men began to outrage. I tell: "Who has a calculator, count again. They were mistaken. You are ahead". They found a calculator and really, jury made a mistake when counting scores. When our men came to Maslyakov and pointed out at mistake he told that results are already announced. So "Lads from Baku" won the second place.


Farida: Good evening, Tofik Gasanovich! Is it true that you decided to tell about your help to Garri Kasparov after he accused his trainer in selling his moves to Karpov, which he did to hide your help to him? I also read that you liked Karpov as a person more than Kasparov, merely Kasparov at that time time was our countryman…


Answer: People were writing about it. The main reason why I told the truth is that Kasparov accused an innocent man- his trainer. Journalist who wrote everything about my help advised me to publish this story. At first I was refusing. But when Karpov accused an innocent man in treachery I agreed. It was a talented trainer and a honest man. I told Kasparov not to do it, but evidently in this way he wanted to slander Karpov more.


Parviz: May be you foresee who will be the next president of Azerbaijan. And of course you will not tell it to anyone. Then answer the careful question: will the change of power be accompanied by military actions or it will be peaceful? Will it be a scientist, military man or businessmen?


Answer: I don't see such a person yet. At least among well-know politicians which I see at TV. I don't imagine them to be presidents. I didn't see such a person. May be there is such person but I didn't see him yet. Meanwhile I see only Geydar Aliyev…


Elchibey came to me in autumn 1989 to become aquainted. We spoke to each other and when he was going out I told him that he will become the President of Azerbaijan. He replied: "I am not going to". And when he headed the country he invited me and reminded me about it. I told him: "If you will leave the same surrounding, then you will govern no longer than one year. I give you one year with this staff. And then you will be either killed or imprisoned". May be he took it into account and when the situation become more serious he went to countryside.


Lala Kuliyeva: Can one by means of sorcery not to let go the beloved? Will not it blow as boomerang in the future?


Answer: To say truly I don't imagine how I can one keep someone by means of sorcery. Temporarily, for a short period of time - may be. But I don't understand the mechanism of it. One can convince the person, influence upon him. But put furtively different bewitched things… I don't imagine what is it.


Alia: One acquainted to me person takes your picture with her and thinks that a look at photo can influence the person. She also affirms that you helped her to broke another's family. So you act as a parapsychologist or as a black magician?


Answer (smiling): People told me that my picture helps many people as a talisman. But I never divided families. Basically almost anyone didn't apply to me with such a request. I was told that some people undertake to divide other's families. But if someone will apply to me with such a request, I will not do it.


Nigyar: What do you think, can divination (no matter how it is done) predict the humans destiny?


Answer: I am not telling fortunes. I accept divination as in interesting game. My neighbor was telling fortune: it was interesting, but what she was predicting didn't take place.


Murad: In Bulgakov's novel "Master and Margaritta" were mentioned five arguments for God's presence. It seems to me that you believe in God. Tell us please, what for you proves the presence of God?


Answer: Meaning traditional religions I am not a religious man… I am not Moslem, I know neither Bible nor Koran. But I believe that there is a power which we call God. That is why society lives according to some laws.


Why many people loosed their faith? Because everything that was devised by religious movements at present time somehow doesn't coincide. That is those who created the religious made a mistake. Religion is the people's idea of what God thinks about. But as in many other people their ideas can incorrect.


But I think that god is the extraterrestrial power which carries out experiments. For instance I think that there are different creatures at other planets, which we don't see, about which we don't know. Why you think that God represents only good? May be he thinks that the evil is also normal phenomenon for creatures, for a person?


Viktor: I know that you are an attractive man and it is pleasant to me ask you a question, but which is may be not very nice. What become with your relations with Kasparov after he run from Baku during Armenians pogroms?


Answer: I was asked but I didn't agree at once to help Kasparov. Our relations (not because he is not sympathetic to me) were as between a teacher and a pupil. That is there was never friendship between me and Kasparov. He himself compared our relations as relations of "guru with a pupil". He called to me before each play with Karpov, I gave him advices, came to plays, predicted their results..


I started to help in the first match when Kasparov loosed to Karpov 5:0. It is written about it at my site. In general I helped Kasparov in his three matches. In the first match after 5:0, in the second when he loosed 1:2 and in the third when he loosed three plays one after another. Then I came to Leningrad and told him that he will win. And it happened so. Kasparov won in the next play.


He is really the great chess player, but in that situation, when he only started his chess carrier, he went through such a big stress and got in such a situation, that I think that anyone except me wouldn't be able to help him. Moreover before me different specialists tried to help him. But only I moved Kasparov out from stress situation by my advises and all my capabilities. Indeed I will stress again that he is a really talented person and chess player.


I.S. Magnickiy: I read a lot of literature about what happens to a person after his death, about concomitant feeling. But there is the same number of people who prove that death is not the way to some place, but dead end. I want to know very much your opinion about it. Should we afraid of death, is it really door to another world with the other features or everything ends with the death?


I always seeked consolation in the idea that extraordinary capabilities of such masters like you is the best evidence that the human's soul is immortal that the blue tunnel which is mentioned so much in literature is not the product of hallucination of dying brain, but it is the move toward a new condition. Please, tell me whether I am right or not and if it is possible prove in detail your point of view.


Answer: I believe more to that after life on Earth there is another life, continuation. We are the continuation of other life. I was 12 years old when I saw the tunnel which is described in the literature. But at that time in the childhood I didn't read all these books. I saw that I was a participant of historic events, battled with a sword in my hands. Another time I saw how I die in the previous life. I felt all feelings which are described in the books. That tunnel, relief.


So, I think that there is the continuation of our present life. But of coarse a man should escape the death. If destiny, life, God gave us this possibility we should live this life until the end. That is why when life is breaking I think that it is not natural. Human is free to handle with his life, but when he leaves this world artificially he as if offends others with it.


Namik: Your position about Afghanistan Will they catch ben Laden?


Answer: Generally, I feel sorry for Afghanistan and this nation. I knew Afghans and through that people I see that they are very good people. It is merely the tragedy of the country, which was always friendly to USSR and our region. I don't want bombing, killing people. They suffered very much.


What about ben Laden, - it is the play of politicians. I don't think that he is a so powerful person. He is rather the tool, the victim of some big countries, security services.


Nargiz (Turkey): Hello! I believe to the capabilities of the medium which you have. I hope it will allow you to say openly what will happen in the end with our Karabakh when thousand and thousand refugees will return home. Do you have a clear idea about it?


Answer: Several years ago I was at BMT TV channel and told that this war will continue another 1,5 years. Journalist counted that the military operations should end at the end of May 1994. I approved what I said.


After that in "Telefax" telecast they asked me: "Do you remember about 1,5 years? According to calculations left half year". I said that after half year the war will stop, conserve. And it happened so. I can't tell anything more about it.


Naza: What do you think, will be there an earthquake in Baku this autumn?


Answer: No, I don't feel so. One week after the earthquake occurred Space TV channel asked me such a question and I replied that everything which happened is behind. May be there will be jerks, but I don't feel anything dangerous.


Rafik: Hello, Tofik! First of all I would like to confide with you. I always took a true liking to Azerbaijan and Azerbaijanians and I considered Bakuers as the most close nation. But well-known sorrowful tragic events against a considerable par of city's population - Baku's Armenians. The influence of them at the spirit and the manner of the city was not small and they didn't have attitude toward Karabakh events. I am sure that you as a honest man and real Bakuer are sad with this trouble which made a deep wound in our hearts. Now we are, the children of native city, wander around the world. Most of us obtained material welfare but anguish and grief for native city doesn't leave us. In Baku left our childhood and youth, friends, close neighbors, many had relatives, left graves of ancestors of many generations, etc. And at last I have a question to you. Will we be ever able in our life to return in our native city to see all them? With best wishes. Rafik (Rafael).


Answer: Most likely it will not be soon. Last events in the airport showed that such opportunity will not come soon. Although I want to say that many Bakuers who were forced to leave the city are longing for friends, many of them associate with former neighbors, meet them in other cities.


/B>Aleksandr: Respectful Tofik Dadashev! Please, tell us your historically well-reasoned opinion about to whom belongs Nagorniy Karabakh.


Answer: I am not a historian and that is why I can tell nothing about it. I know that in the whole world politicians say that the territory should be indivisible, otherwise in the whole world will continue conflicts, wars.


Lala: Good evening, Tofik Gasanovich. Tell me, when you first time revealed in you your capabilities and how it happened? I have many friend and relatives, who are endlessly grateful to you. You helped them to obtain a self-confidence. I have no words to express with which respect and love they are talking about you. I think that if God gave you this gift, then it is for particular reason, because you are peculiar. Please tell did ever people harmed you? How you returned them? And what do you appreciate in people, in their relationship? My second question - do your children have similar capabilities or it is not a hereditary factor?


Answer: 1.Someone from extrasenses told that he had a stress, he got ill, fallen and after that he gained such gift. Everything was conversely with me. I have been studying very bad, I was absent-minded and diffident, I had a bad memory, that is why I got twos and threes. I seems to me that I was so diffident because of my capabilities. I felt people intuitively, that is why I hided my eyes from them. But I didn't understand what I feel. When I was 13 years old my neighbor came to us to call by phone. Her husband died and she married a man who was younger than she. He was from Barda region and I saw him very seldom. One day he went for a holiday to Barda and she called to him from us. And one day she calls to him from us and I tell her in jest: "You know, he will not return to you". She perceived it as a joke. She didn't suspect anything. She called him periodically. And when the time came she called him and she started to worry. I again told her that she will not return, he changed his mind. And the vacation came to end, people from work are looking for him. She looks at me. And he didn't come. He told that he will stay longer, his mother is ill. She asked me: "What do you feel?" I told her that I feel sorry for him, he will be killed. She again didn't believe, she didn't understand what happens, she thought that I am perspicacious. He didn't come. His brother came, took his things and went away. Half year later she comes and tells to my mother: "He was killed at wedding". I told her no to tell anyone about my capabilities. She came to us, asked about some things. A few people- mother, grandmother and two relatives knew about it. I spoke seldom, but I spoke precisely. It just sneaked up to me and I found out about my gift.


2. May be did, but I didn't notice.


3. At first place it is of coarse kindness- it seizes everything. This is the main thing in a man. Many good features should be in a man- honesty, etc.


4. I think that middle son has such capabilities. He looks like me, he is very diffident. And his biography is very similar- in 5th grade I left at the second year and he left in 5th grade, the 9th grade I could hardly pass, the same was to him. He is also shy, diffident. To me and to him was difficult to go out to speak. I felt shy of schoolmistress and fell in love with them. It was easier for me to say that I don't know, than to stand before class and to speak.


The presenter of the forum Sh. Abbasov.


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