Tofik Dadashev was born on April 11, 1947 in Baku, Azerbaijan. He graduated from Azerbaijan State University, the Department of Law (postal tuition). 


In 1967 T. Dadashev was invited to Moscow and admitted to Mosconcert. From 1969 he performed on stage in the cities and towns of the Soviet Union with a solo programme (psychological experiments). 


In 1973 T. Dadashev was invited to the I International Congress on Psychotronics in Prague as a member of the delegation from the USSR Academy of Sciences. For the first time a telepathic experiment at a distance was carried out at the highest level. The experiment with Dadashev was carried out by two American researchers in the presence of 300 scientists from different countries. One of the two experimenters was Mr. Cleve Baxter, the well-known scholar and the inventor of the lie detector. At the Congress the foreign scientists highly appreciated Dadashev’s parapsychological capabilities and acknowledged him the strongest medium in the world, the fact that drew a wide response in the world media. 


Tofik Dadashev has various titles and awards including Letter of Commendation of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Azerbaijan SSR (the highest award of the republic) for his participation in the anti-terror operation to prevent hijacking, rescue the hostages and neutralize the terrorist (1989). After the masterful completion of the operation KGB headquarters in Moscow and Baku called it unique as for the first time in their practice a person with such extraordinary capabilities was involved. 


In 1988 Tofik Dadashev opened the Center of parapsychological help “Psi-Eks” in Baku where he provided help for the population. 


Since 2000 the Center of parapsychological help “Psi-Eks” has been functioning in Moscow.