6th june 1998
Newspaper: "Trud"

Everything started when 23 years old Akhmed Mamedov has been kidnapped in the center of Baku in the afternoon. It happened in tea-room (witnesses saw it) where he waited when his car would be repaired in car repair shop. 20 days after his mother visited Tofik Dadashev, on April 22, 1998, late in the evening parents found Akhmed in the pointed by thugs place. He was tired, emaciated but alive. His mother is sure that Tofik Dadashev helped to get out her son from the captivity.


Now days it will not wander anyone that the well-known Baku parapshychologist can see and predict a lot of things. His unique gifts were numerously approved by scientists and are well-known for a long time. Last autumn he predicted the dismissal of Chernomirdin and before it - the expectable change of the accepted now standard of woman beauty - now the second year running "Miss-Universe" is choused the representative of black race. A lot of such examples can be presented. However this our story oversteps the limits of our common ideas about his capabilities. Seems that now he can not only foresee the events, but also to influence them. It is of coarse the most striking.


"When I looked at Akhmed picture," - tells Tofik Gasanovich, - I felt at once that the boy is really in danger, but the trouble didn't happen yet. And I started to " influence the luck". "To influence the luck" - is the term which seems to


be invented by Dadashev himself. In any case, exactly these words define what he does now. He doesn't promise anything, doesn't calm - he merely "influence the luck". After that happens something striking: suddenly, without the evident reason, return to the family went on the spree husbands, the loosed relatives are found, hostages are released from captivity, as it happened with Akhmed… There is a great number of such cases in the Tofik Dadashev practice. I met and spoke myself with tens of those whom helped the parapshychologist. The stories told by them are striking. Here are some of them. …


A young man left his wife and child and went to another woman as he thought forever. After a couples of days after the visit of his wife to Dadashev he returned home". I do not understand what happens to me, - He confessed his wife, - but I can't live without you. I suddenly understood that I miss you…"


…Nearly one year ago a stunt man Ali Magomedov went to Slovenia to work by contract. At first time the job was good, he called home frequently. Then suddenly the connection with him was loosed. Half year there were no news from him. Relatives were worrying very much and were going to go to "Interpol" to look for Ali. However someone advised to call to Dadashev first. After the 5 days after the seance of "influencing the luck" the Ali wife called to Dadashev assistant Nina Vasilievna: "You won't believe, he returned yesterday." After that they both came to the center and Ali told about his adventures. It happened so that the firm which hired him become in a difficult position and couldn't pay him. Ali lined in poverty, did occasional job it was hardly enough to pay for home and food, he didn't even have money to call home. Then suddenly, like magically, everything resolved: the firm paid him the whole dept and he immediately returned home.


…Udzhal Mekhtiev is 22 years old. He was been kidnapped in Spring 1996. Bandits called home and wanted the ransom. There was exhausted by worrying called to Dadashev. Everything suddenly changed." They left me with one of the guards,- recalls Udzhal, -and something strange starting to happen to him. He was worrying very much, he change countenance, cried, told that should love me. And then he left me alone and went out.


The last story which happened to Akhmed doesn't differ very much from the others. After the interference of Tofik Dadashev bandits who kept 7 months the boy in very bad conditions and were ready to kill him but not to let him go without the ransom, then inexplicably gave way and released the boy for the symbolic price.


We spoke to Tofik Dadashev about all these stories and he can't understand the nature of what is happening. One thing is to read thoughts, foresee the events which can be scientifically explained nowadays, another thing is to influence the behavior and dids of other people at a long distance.


When I was leaving Tofik Dadashev I asked him about the destiny of kidnapped in Chechnya Pavel Vlasov.


- I myself think very much about him,- replied me the parapsychologist,- there is something unnatural in this situation. I feel that it will be solved also synthetically .


Of course questions connected with special subjects require additional investigation.




Tunzale Kasumova, Baku city

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