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9th september 1989
Newspaper: "Trud"

- You speak about psychical energy. What is it?


- I think it is something material. But the main thing is the thought, when there is no thought there is no influence.


- At which distance you can influence with the thought?


- The distance of connection is unlimited. But before influencing I should come into contact with the person, speak to him, "look into his soul". That is to come into his state. After it the connection is not loosed.


- Do you change the force of influence?


-A big psychic load can not be given to a weak person.


- Can all people more or less influence with their psychic energy at others?


- Each person has its own psychology, thinking. But as a special case (let us call it conditionally "psi-phenomenon") - it is a rare gift. It is from nature. It can be developed, increased. But it is impossible to create it in a person. How to train it one can understand only by himself. Philosophers and not only they should explain the "psi- phenomenon".