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1st december 2000
The international magazine "Azerbaijan today"

Our talk with a Russian citizen Tofik Dadashev, named "world'best medium" by American scientist Cliff Baxtor, took place at his Baku office.


- Mr. Dadashev, quite controversial opinions are known to exit concerning parapsychology. Some people say it is a field of medicine, while others call it simply "witchcraft". What do you think of that?


- As a matter of fact, there is no much difference between witchcraft and, say, psycho-therapeutics. Both of them aim to make people believe in their recovery. I think that the disputes about what parapsychology is will never end. Because there will always be the people who believe only in witchcraft and nothing else, and there will always be the people who believe only in science and nothing else. The most important thing is to make people feel better whatever their treatment is.


- You are very well known as a fortuneteller. Would you name some of your most important predictions?


- In 1989, I predicted that Abulfaz Elchibey would be elected the President of Azerbaijan, though at those times he was not even thinking about that. Moreover, I said that his presidency would last no more than one year. This came true in 1992-1993. In 1997, I predicted the resignation of Helmut Kohl. I predicted the resignation of Russian Prime-Minister Victor Chernomyrdin. I also predicted Boris Yeltsin's resignation a year before he declared it. And, finally, in the height of hard debates in U.S.Congress regarding Bill Clinton's impeachment, I said that if the president resorted to bombing Iraq, then there would be no impeachment. It came out exactly as I predicted.


- Have you ever upset people by predicting their future?


- No, I always try to keep silent when it comes to bad news. I just don't want to demoralize people.


- And what about Azerbaijan's future? What resolution of the Karabakh conflict should we expect?


- I don't want to talk about Karabakh. As for Azerbaijan on the whole, in 15 years the country will turn into the biggest trade center in the region.